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Contract Manufacturing

For over 60 years, Paco Manufacturing has been partnering with companies by providing machinery, assemblies and machine parts to such industries as Aerospace, Automobile, Consumer Goods, Electronics, Manufacturing, Food Processing, Pharmaceuticals and the Cooperage Industry.

Outsourcing Parts

We have the equipment, facility and skilled staff to offer contract machining and fabrication. We can help you provide cost savings while realizing possible technological improvements in your products or parts.

Bilge Hoop Puller Machine

The Bilge Hoop Puller Machine is a fully automatic machine which removes the temporary bilge hoops from the barrel.

Equipping a Cooperage

A cooperage customer asked pāco manufacturing to leverage existing technology, reverse engineer their machinery, draft new CAD drawings, and manufacture advanced equipment for a new facility.

A Look Back…

Share with pāco manufacturing as we look back at over 60 years of manufacturing “Quality Equipment for Industry” in Indiana.

We Build Machines

From simple machines to complex, automated systems, pāco manufacturing has teamed with companies large and small to meet their production needs. Since 1953, we have specialized in complete machine building, offering engineering assistance from prototype to production.

Automate Existing Technology

In this example, a customer requested pāco manufacturing to engineer and integrate an X-Y axis table to automatically position (2) pieces at a time in multiple positions for riveting.

Multi-Function Tray Washer

This machine depicts the various automation processes which can be integrated to satisfy your company’s requirements.