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pāco manufacturing: meeting the Needs of Industry Since 1953

Our Beginnings

Founded in 1946 by G. Frederick Rexon Sr., Precision Automation® Company, Inc. began as Precision Parts Company, Inc., a small, privately owned machine shop located in southern New Jersey. Through the years, growth spawned six (6) moves to larger and better facilities with the final move to their current location in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

With a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck, Mr. Rexon was able to build a relationship with General Electric, Home Laundry Division located in Trenton, New Jersey. This relationship created many opportunities for Precision Parts Company while earning a great deal of respect as a quality and trusted supplier.

The Expansion of Facilities

In 1952, General Electric’s Trenton plant was targeted to be transformed into the Home Heating Division. In turn, Home Laundry was to be consolidated with the other major appliance products into one site located in Louisville, Kentucky.

The new facility was named “General Electric Appliance Park” and its goal was to bring the manufacturing of home laundry, dishwashers and disposals, ranges, refrigerators, and window air conditioners all together in one multi-building manufacturing facility. As a result of the trusted relationship Precision Parts Company had developed with the engineers and buyers at General Electric, Mr. Rexon was awarded many opportunities to build some of the jigs, fixtures, and tooling required for the new plant in Louisville.

Investing in a Second Location

Being 600 miles away from Appliance Park posed several issues for Precision Parts in trying to satisfy the needs of this customer. The obvious solution was to establish a second facility located closer to Louisville, Kentucky.

After much coaxing from GE, Mr. Rexon accepted the challenge to locate a second facility in the Louisville area. In 1953, he found an old motion picture movie theater located in Jeffersonville, Indiana. The building was converted into a machine shop and Precision Parts Company Inc. of Indiana was born.

In 1967, the company acquired land off I-65 in Clarksville, Indiana and constructed a new manufacturing facility in which we still operate today. In 1972, the company name was changed to Precision Automation Company, Inc. and changed once more in 2006 to pāco manufacturing, a Precision Automation Company, to better reflect the business focus and mission.

In the early 2010s, the company began focusing on manufacturing and distributing cooperage equipment as an opportunity to provide automation for the sprawling local bourbon trail. Using an established cooperage barrel-making process, combined with a vast experience in machine building and integration, pāco manufacturing’s solutions have been valuable to a prominent industry in the Ohio valley region.

Today, pāco manufacturing is a vertically integrated organization with a versatile offering of machine shop, material handling, and automation solutions. Featuring decades of experience serving customers in numerous industries and utilizing cutting edge technologies to drive our growth, we continue to provide the utmost in quality and value.

Our Founder

From the very beginning, our founder Mr. Rexon, was the anchor of pāco manufacturing, supporting our company through difficult times and full of praise in good times. His continued support resulted from his firm belief that there is always a way to succeed. Mr. Rexon’s commitment to always figuring out what can be improved upon remains integral to the way pāco manufacturing operates.

Mr. Rexon handed the company reins over to his son, Fred Rexon, Jr. in 2000. He retained the position of Chairman of the Board until his passing in 2018. The Rexon family has led the company through three generations, and the family tradition of fine leadership will continue guiding the company into the 21st Century.