Look to us for your special orders!

  • Non-standard special Poly-V Pulleys (Sheaves) 
  • One-offs and short-run production 
  • Expertise with “L-section” and “J-section” belt profiles 
  • Typical material construction: anodized aluminum; mild steel

pāco manufacturing®  can be of service by manufacturing special poly-v pulleys if a customer cannot find a standard unit listed by a cataloged manufacturer. We can do one-offs and short-run production as well as prototypes and reverse-engineered copies. Our expertise and capabilities are with “L-section” and “J-section” belt profiles. The size range we have covered is up to about 10″ diameter and 10″ length. Additional varieties and variations will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Typical materials of construction are aluminum which may have anodizing or even hard coat anodizing finishes. Mild steel and stainless steel will also be considered.