About Us

``Meeting the Needs of Industry since 1953``

Our Beginnings

pāco manufacturing® began as Precision Parts Company, Inc. in an old sheet metal building located in South Jersey in 1946 by G. Frederick Rexon Sr. Through the years  growth spawned six (6) moves to larger and better facilities with the sixth and final move to their current location in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. With a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work, Mr. Rexon was able to build a relationship with General Electric Home Laundry located in Trenton, New Jersey. This relationship created many opportunities for Precision Parts Company while earning a great deal of respect as a quality and trusted supplier.

In 1952, the Trenton plant of General Electric Home Laundry was targeted to be transformed into the Home Heating Division.  In turn, Home Laundry was to be consolidated with the other major appliance products into one site located in Louisville, Kentucky. The new facility was to be named “General Electric Appliance Park” and its goal was to bring the home laundry (washers and dryers), dishwashers and disposals, ranges, refrigerators and window air conditioners all together under one manufacturing facility. As a result of the trusted relationship Precision Parts Company had developed with the engineers and buyers at Trenton, N.J., Mr. Rexon was awarded many opportunities to build some of the jigs and fixtures and tooling required for the new plant in Louisville. Since the setting up of a new plant required lengthy time and many tooling unknowns, some of the engineers from Trenton accepted transfers to the Louisville plant. Although this continued to create orders for Precision Parts, it also created many problems being 600 miles away. The obvious solution was to establish a second facility located closer to or in Louisville, Kentucky. After much coaxing from GE, Mr. Rexon accepted the challenge to locate a second facility in the Louisville area. In 1953, he found an old motion picture movie theatre located in Jeffersonville, Indiana. The building was complete with a stage, ticket booth and a slanted floor. The lease was signed and with a little bit of work, the building was converted into a machine shop and Precision Parts Company Inc. of Indiana was born.

Starting up in an old movie theater circa 1953
2120 Addmore Lane location and name change circa 1972

Machine Maker

  • Founded in 1953
  • Formerly known as Precision Automation Co., Inc.
  • Corporate offices / plant located in Clarksville, Indiana
  • Prototype to production machinery builder
  • Low to medium volume
  • From component parts to complete assemblies
  • Skilled team of machinists, fabricators, assemblers & electricians
  • In-house engineering services
  • Work with many types of materials
  • Completely tooled machine shop & large assembly area

Company History


Incorporated as Precision Parts Company, Inc.

In the State of Indiana; located at 1612 Spring Street, Jeffersonville in an old movie theater.


Moved to present location at 2120 Addmore Lane, Clarksville, Indiana


Changed name to Precision Automation Co., Inc


Changed name to pāco manufacturing®.

In October, 2006 Precision Automation® Company, Inc. of Indiana became pāco manufacturing® . “Automation is a limiting term,” observed Glen A. Morris, president of the Clarksville, Indiana Company. “Most of our customers and prospective customers are manufacturers, and we want to make sure they view our company on that broader platform, especially with our contract manufacturing…

Founder G.Frederick Rexon, Sr.


pāco manufacturing® earns Half Century Awards

On October 1, 2008, pāco manufacturing® founder, G. Frederick Rexon, Sr. , proudly accepted the Half Century Award from Governor Mitch Daniels, during a ceremony held at the Indiana Statehouse.  The Governor’s Century and Half Century Business Awards honor Indiana businesses that have remained in operation for 100 or 50 years or more and have also demonstrated a history of community service.


pāco manufacturing®  pays tribute to  its Founder

It is quite an accomplishment for a small US company to make it in the manufacturing sector for 65 consecutive years. However, there can be no greater triumph than to have achieved this milestone under the leadership of a single family with continued involvement by the founder of the business.


pāco manufacturing®  celebrates 60 Years!