We offer a complete line of Wrap Around Case Packaging Systems!

  • Product in-feed & finished out-feed systems 
  • Fit products such as cans, glass jars, plastic bottles, cartons & tubs 
  • Full wrap-around cases with RSC, POL & FOL flaps 
  • Short to full height sidewalls 
  • Display Style Cases 
  • High Stacking strength cases

Wrap Pack-II Case Packer

The Wrap Pack II is a fully automatic Wrap-Around Caser, which will accumulate the product, load the accumulated pattern onto a flat corrugated blank, form the blank around the load and seal it into a shippable container. This machine offers excellent flexibility for running multiple package sizes. The base machine can be supplied with a product infeed to handle practically any product such as cans, cartons, bottles, multi-packs, tubs, blocks, floor tile, hardware items, etc. The wrap-around case provides a shipping container that offers greater product protection and merchandising value at a lower cost.

Park Place Wrap-Around Case Packer

Park Place Packaging offers the Wrap-Around Caser and Infeed System featuring a hot melt system, touch screen and servo drives.  Case Packers are durably built for decades of production and return on investment.