Celebrating 68 Years

Paying Tribute to the Man Behind it All

Cherry Hill, NJ

It is quite an accomplishment for a small U.S. company to make it in the manufacturing sector for 65 consecutive years.  However, there can be no greater triumph than to have achieved this milestone under the leadership of a single family with continued involvement by the founder of the business. Sister company, Precision Automation Co., Inc., celebrated 65 years of business on January 7, 2011 by holding a gala event at Tavistock Country Club in Haddonfield, New Jersey.  In addition to celebrating 65 years of success in the manufacturing industry, Precision Automation Co., Inc. paid tribute to its founder, G. Frederick Rexon, Sr.  A dinner provided the backdrop for a very special celebration of which colleagues from pāco manufacturing® were invited to attend.  The combined celebration included all the employees and their spouses, retirees and their spouses, the Rexon family, colleagues and friends.

It was a night filled with the presentation of milestone awards by executive vice-president, Dan Pomponio, to many employees who have continued their careers with Precision Automation for 25 years or more. Also an impassioned speech from the president, Fred Rexon Jr., who acknowledged the company’s continued existence through a tough economic slump and indicators of a promising future. The balance of the evening included testimonials to Mr. Rexon from colleagues and lifelong friends.

One of those impassioned speeches came from the president of pāco manufacturing®, Glen Morris, who explained to our “Jersey” colleagues how Mr. Rexon founded the Indiana plant back in 1953. Regarding Mr. Rexon, Glen Morris had this to say:

‘The Indiana Company has had to go down many bumpy roads. Many of those bumps could have been reason for him to give up and just close up shop. Thankfully, he never chose that option. Mr. Rexon has always supported our Indiana Company through bad times and full of praise in good times. He never gave up on the people. Those of us working there now and those that preceded us are thankful for his support. I think in part, his continued support for us came from not being able to quit. He always believed there was a way to succeed. Don’t Give Up. Figure out what is not working and try again. Don’t Give Up. Quitting has never been a part of his business plan.'[excerpt from speech by Glen Morris on January 7, 2011.]

Glen Morris expressed his admiration for Mr. Rexon, acknowledging his attributes as not only a boss, but also as a teacher, friend, counselor, father figure and much more. These attributes are not just felt by Mr. Morris or the coworkers at the Cherry Hill plant. Mr. Morris movingly expressed the heartfelt views of the Indiana plant as well, along with listing the qualities of an extraordinary man and leader.

Mr. Rexon handed the reins of the Cherry Hill plant to his successor, Fred Rexon, Jr., a few years ago while retaining the position of Chairman of the Board of paco manufacturing® until this past year. He has now passed this position onto his son as well. This past year also introduced three generations into the company, continuing a fine tradition of leadership in both companies as we begin the next decade of the Twenty-First Century. Thank you, Mr. Rexon for your leadership, your insight and the care you showed both your employees and, above all, your customers and partners in business for all these years.

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